jaybird vending services

what we do

we provide a variety of vending services.
all with the goal of autism independence

self serve ice

Self-serve ice machines with minimal footprint. The machine includes water and up to 750 lbs. of ice storage.

snack & drink

Snack, drink, and combo machines that can service a variety of needs. We provide delivery, installation, and stocking.


All services are built to provide a viable income source to those with autism who may not have independence otherwise.

Vending machines

Ice house of america
ice merchant

snack and drink

why choose jvs?

Monthly Stipend

We have two options for compensation; monthly stipend or 10% donation to local autism foundation in your honor. We acknowledge your part in our vending journey by allowing a machine on your property so we want to compensate or honor you effectively.


When you partner with JVS, it's not just additional income for another's pockets. You are directly contributing to a cause that will provide independence and therapy for those diagnosed with autism.

Locally Owned

When partnering with JVS you will always communicate and interact with us directly. JVS means independence and a life for our son so we will always ensure you have the best experience possible so that our relationship will remain long-term.

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